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I have been competing in the sheep show since I was six years old.

I love to show sheep!

Princess Riana

16 years old

I love the Talent Show and Sheep judging because the

community is all together and highly involved.

Princess Sabrina

17 years old

I would like to represent the high school in a professional, public way, and hopfully encourage more students to be involved in coming years.

Prince Kevin

16 years old

The Parade showcases the work that people have put into their animals and floats, its a  sign of achievement in our community.

Princess Amelia

16 years old

[My favorite event is] Sheep Showing, I like to support

[my friends] and enjoy seeing the community together.

Princess Allaina

16 years old

"The Lamb & Wool Fair has been a major event I have attened since 6th grade. Seeing past Royal Courts and how they interacted with the community made me want to be a part of the fair's Royal Court. I think most young women used to dream of being a princess and this brings that dream into reality."

Princess Sabrina enjoys reading, writing, cheerleading, riding horses, and greatly enjoys sleeping as long as humanly possible.

I enjoy the Fair because I get to see members of the community that I don't get to see every day. I became interested in the fair when I was about 3 years old, when I led my bottle lamb through the fair and I have loved it ever since. I wanted to be on the Royal Court because I grew up watching all the beautiful girls represent the fair and I wanted to be just like them someday."

Princess Riana enjoys FFA, volleyball, track, wrestling stats, hiking, riding horses, and being outdoors.

"I enjoy so much about the Linn County Lamb & Wool Fair. Just seeing everyone in our community come together to make a fun weekend made me want to be a part of the Royal Court. Through the Court, I am able to make it a better experience for anyone that comes in contact with me or other court members."

"What I enjoy about the Lamb & Wool Fair is just having everyone as a community together, and having fun. Being on this court is such a thrill, to be with such good, kind friends and family, supporting one another and making everything fun. It's such an amazing experience. This community is so great, having each and every one of us connected through each oher." 

"When I was young I always looked up to our community and its citizens for the traditions of our Lamb & Wool Fair. My grandmother and her sister both were princesses on the court, I love and respect them both. I have been a part of the fair for as long as I can remember, either showing sheep or riding in the parade."

Prince Kevin enjoys FFA, basketball, playing video games, and community service

Princess Allaina enjoys OHSET, softball, singing, particitpatin in HPR, being with friends & family, and being connected with God.

Princess Amelia enjoys working with animals, riding horses, showing sheep, competing in horse knowledge & public speaking competitions, FFA, 4-H, and OHSET.

We Are The 2018 Royal Court


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