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HERE COMES SPRING, which means here come the flowers.

Who will have the prize winning flowers this year?

Its time to prepare for the Flower Show!


Amanada & Nathan Stolter

2015 1st Place

Creative Expressions Category

Division I

Creative Expressions Theme TBA

  • Class 1 Ages 6 and below

Make a small artificial flower arrangement.

  • Class 2 Ages 7-11

Using natures oddities, such as driftwood branches and natural material creat a tablescape. The size should be limited to 9x13"

  • Class 3 Ages 12-18

Flowers/vegetable plants that have been grown from seed, icluding type/species.

Information and Rules


  1. Bring entries will be accepted between 9:00am - 10:00am on Saturday, May 19th. Location TBA

  2. The Flower Show will be closed for judging at 10:00am and open after the Parade. 


  3. Entries should be picked up on Sunday between 2:00pm - 3:00pm.

  4. Ribbons will be given for 1st-3rd places and also Best of Division, Judges Choice and Peoples Choice.

  5. Exhibitors must classify their own entries and place on appropriate category table.

  6. Only one entry per person per class.

  7. Arrangements must be by the one whose name appears on the entry.

  8. Use fresh materials in all classes unless otherwise stated.

  9. Judges may decide to break down classes into additional categories or combine classes.

  10. Linn County Lamb and Wool Fair and Scio School District 95C are not responsible for loss, breakage, or exhibits left after the show.

Division II

Arrangements ALL ages

  • Class 1

Table arrangement with a 360 degree view point.

  • Class 2

Door swag or wreath.

  • Class 3 Ages 12-18

Ceremonial basket/display with a front view.


Division III

Cut Flowers

Entries mut be presented in clear, uncolored glass container.  Each should include one stem, leaf, and flower specimen.

  • Class 1 Azalea

  • Class 2 Calla lilly

  • Class 3 Columbine

  • Class 4 Iris

    • A - Bearded

    • B - Other

  • Class 5 Lilac

  • Class 6 Peony

  • Class 7 Poppy

  • Class 8 Rododendron

  • Class 9 Roses (one entry per category)

    • A - Hybrid tea

    • B - Floribunda/Climbing

    • C - Old Fasioned

    • D - Miniature

  • Class 10 House Plants

2013 flower show
flower show 2013
flowershow 2013
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