Lamb Show and Judging

The Lamb Show has been an integral part of the Linn County Lamb & Wool Fair since its beginning in 1935.  The 2019 show, on Sunday May 19th, is open to all youth in Oregon.  Registration begins at 8 am on Sunday at the Big Red Pavilion.  The show will begin at approximately 9:30 am.

Breeding Classes
  • Class 1 – Purebred Meat Type Ewe Lamb

  • Class 2 – Cross Bred Ewe Lamb

  • Class 3 – Wool Type Ewe Lamb

  • Class 4 – Pair of Ewe Lambs

Health Regulations


  1. The Linn County Lamb & Wool Fair will have a Veterinarian check all lambs unloaded at the fairgrounds.

  2. No lambs with sore mouth or foot rot will be allowed to show.

  3. All lambs out-of-state must have health papers upon arriving at this show.


Lamb Show Rules 


  1. Exhibitors must show their own animals in all classes without assistance. Only the exhibitor will be allowed in the ring.

  2. No Halters allowed except in Classes 9 Dress-up and Class 10 Pee-Wee Showmanship.

  3. Market lambs may only show in the market class.  Ewe lambs may not be shown in both breeding and market classes.

  4. Lambs may only be shown in one showmanship class (Classes 11-14).

  5. Any lamb that is exhibiting signs of any illness (i.e. sore mouth or club lamb fungus) will not be allowed in the show.  If your lamb is experiencing one of these things, please be considerate of others and leave them at home.

Market Classes
  • Class 5 – Market Lamb (divided into classes by weight and number of entries)

  • Class 6 – Pair of Market Lambs

Special Classes
  • Class 7 – Pen of 3 – Must include both breeding and market lambs.  

  • Class 8 – Club or Chapter flock (minimum of 5 animals – shown by 3 or more members)

  • Class 9 – Dress-up your lamb contest

  • Class 10 – Pee Wee Showmanship

  • Class 11 – Senior – 10th through 12th grade (showing at least 2nd year)

  • Class 12 – Intermediate – 7th through 9th grade (showing at least 2nd year)

  • Class 13 – Junior – through 6th grade (showing at least 2nd year)

  • Class 14 – Novice (first year showing – regardless of age)

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