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The Linn County Lamb & Wool Fair is organized and presented annually by the Linn County Lamb & Wool Fair Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization managed by a 9 member Board of Directors. The Linn County Fat Lamb and Wool Association was created in 1949 for the purpose of conducting fairs and exhibitions, and to promote growing and raising better agricultural products and livelstock in Linn County and the State of Oregon.  In 1973 the Association changed its name to the current Linn County Lamb and Wool Fair Association.  Over the years, besides promoting quality animal and agricultural products, and facilitating quality fairs and exhibits, the Board has taken on the additional Mission to assist in maintaining and preserving the Scio area's cultural heritage.  The Board is comprised of unpaid volunteers committed to the preservtion and promotion of the traditions of this historic area within the forks of the Santiam. 

The Linn County Lamb & Wool Fair Association's Current Board of Directors:



Karen Borchard, President

Myles Ralston, Vice President

Katrina Clouse, Treasurer

Judy Avichouser, Secetary




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In pursuit of its Mission, over the years, the Board has used donations and grant funding to purchase and preserve several significant historical properties, as well as, assisting in the construction and management of the Veteran's Memorial.   These community facilities are managed by the Association, in some cases through a separate Board of Directors or a Sub-committee .


Most of  these properties are self-supporting, however, those that aren't are cared for through volunteer help, donations, and other fundraisining efforts.


The properties overseen by this Board are:

  • The Linn County Lamb & Wool Fairgrounds

  • The Carol Bates Memorial Stage

  • The Big Red Pavilion

  • The ZCBJ Hall (managed by its own Board of Directors)

  • The Riverview Hall

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